You earn, they learn
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Our families can shop from more than 50 specially chosen brands and retailers that are part of family life

Our families can create a fund of £6,090 just from cashback, and £36,680 with micro-savings, during the education years
It costs parents an average of £18.7k, for each child that goes through all 14 years of state school.

When our families shop with Squirrelled, every purchase they make gives them cash back towards funding the costs of the education years. Whether their child is learning their ABC, or considering a PhD, we're here to make it more affordable, by simply shopping with their favourite shops and brands.
They  support your school, nursery or PTA at the same time too - Squirrelled will give them cashback too - but without impacting what families get!
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*based on 14 years of saving your cashback
Automated earnings: cashback made simple!
Saving is better all together!
Our families can boost their fund’s earnings by inviting grandparents, other family members and friends to join their family team, and save more money for their child’s education, faster!
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We keep our families safe
We are dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety and confidentiality of their information.
In partnership with Europe's leading open banking payments network, TrueLayer, we use advanced encryption and stringent security protocols to protect their bank account data.
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